I had worked with this young ladies mother. She proudly showed me her daughters art and I loved it.

Funny, interesting, poignant (at least to me).

Give her stuff a look over.

If you like it, send an encouraging message to her.

My favourite:

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Starting off as an Installation Artist, 'LSTN' started using their Title in late 2010 after going through a few different names and styles. Now focusing primarily on Public Art, Drawing, and Digitial Media, 'LSTN' brings together Structuralism, Architecture, and Sociology into Art.
'LSTN' started to gain international acclaim while representing themselves as a Graffiti and Street Artist, and then a Cultural Theorist, representing Canada for 'Ensamble Crew' based in Mexico and LA, as well as the Art Collective 'Generation WTF' which has Collective Members all over the Globe, and strong ties to Art Basel in Miami .
'LSTN' is currently based in Vistoria BC, and is working full-time as a Painter.

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