My name is Angelo Noto Campanella and I am a photographer. I was born and raised in Hamilton Ontario and have been shooting since 1978. I started my photography by shooting family and friends on holidays and outings and then began shooting nature. I had been camping with my family since I was 9yrs old till 15yrs old and then we graduated to a cottage in the Haliburton Highlands. I then started car camping with friends to places like Algonquin Provincial Park and Killarney Provincial Park, always with camera in hand. I then graduated to canoe trips, portaging from lake to lake, and then hiking trips. There was only one season left to conquer in nature, Winter Camping. During all these years I spent in nature I was always shooting, I must have accumulated over 100,000 photographs or more. Over the last 10 years I started going to see live music performances at many different venues across Ontario and in the states and decided to combine my love of music with my love for photography. I photographed many shows and have been honing my skills of shooting live concerts. I had barely had any of my photographs published in all those years but 3 yrs ago I was asked to submit some of my photographs to a local magazine on line and was then asked to start writing a column about local Hamilton bands along with one of my photographs. Some of my articles and photographs have been picked up by other publications and am now doing photo shoots for bands and for different functions in the city. I also had my first photography show at a gallery in town back in June 2013, it was a photo show of lightning bolts I have captured over 20yrs. I wonder where I'll go from here.

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