Tyler Nicholls - Vocals/Lead Guitar, Jared Nicholls - Guitarist

All our songs are written and composed by the two of us; includes all the instruments, mixing, recording, vids, etc. 
Everything gets recorded and mixed in our in-home studio room.

We have been involved with and in music for most of our lives. 
Jared has been playing guitar self-taught for over 20 years. 
Tyler first picked up the guitar at the age of 2, and hasn't stopped. He has worked with and been a part of 
such bands as From This Memory, R.L.A., My Aurora and others too. 
Tyler also writes and records his own acoustic songs, and you can check out his stuff at Tyler Nicholls Acoustic Music 
page on fb, youtube and more.

With over 10 years in age between us, generations of music influences, and years of practicing and 
playing...we decided to create TESTIFIER.

Thanks for taking the time to check out our stuff, and many thanks to those who support us 
by liking this page and/or becoming a fan!!

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ZEN BLENDER's music is a combination of groove oriented progressive rock that is strongly influenced by melody. With catchy chorus's, a thunderous back beat and four members who strive to make their song's that much better with each single performance, there is no stopping an original act that aims to rock the masses.

ZEN BLENDER has just released our forth youtube video... 'Adore You'.
Come check out our videos @


Kyle Pearn - Guitar and Vocals
Timothy L. Smith - Drums/Guitar and Vocals
Michael J. Smith - Keys and Vocals
Mike Janzen - Bass and Vocals

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Skookum is an original hard rock band from Vancouver. They are just celebrating the release of their 3rd album "Pleasure Cruz". The band has a huge cult following due to videos and their live shows that engage the audience with hilarious banter and anthem party songs like "Bender" and their live staple "the Team Canada Montage" that has the audience singing along and pumping fists in the air. The bands sound has been described as a hard 70's sound, big and reminiscent of KISS, Black Sabbath, and Seattle bands of the 90's fused with witty and amusing lyrics that would make Frank Zappa proud.

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Dusting off old cassette tapes of rock demos and re-creating them in digital form to post on the internet

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Pagan themed lyrics surrounded by Celtic and modern melodies. Sample clips available at site.

One of my favourites. Highly recommended. The first time I hear her CD, I said I would pay for that!

Youtube Samples

Paganfest~ Lughnasadh 2010

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