Do you want to support a Canadian Contesting Community?

We are looking for Canadians experienced with Canadian contesting to help support a friendly contesting community.

If you are already a Canadian Contester, this is a win win.

If you think you can contribute, contact us through our Contact Us page. Type "CCC" in the subject title please.

To apply tell us about yourself and what you can contribute to this site.

We want to know your contesting experience, the types of contests you enter regularly, and the time you are willing to commit to adding and moderating contests or adding contest tips or news. Please add any additional information you feel is relevant.

Sadly, this is not a paid position.

Contests we do NOT want added to our site:

1. Unsuitable content.
2. Duplicate URL (already in our database).
3. Contests must be free to enter and prizes must be free to claim.
4. Contests listings are only available to Canadian companies.
5. Contest is expired, or will expire shortly (please submit
contests at least 30 days in advance of expiry date).
6. Site must be a top level domain (eg.
7. Website must have high-quality and reliable content.
8. Website is unavailable / link not working.
9. Questionable content or not family-friendly.
10. Your link must not generate any pop-ups!

We also reserve the right to reject any link we do not wish to promote.

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