Astrology / New Age Games

  • Free Tarot Card Readings: See what the cards have in store for you! Everyday you will get a free Tarot card reading. Tablet / Android friendly!
  • Chinese Fortune Sticks / Chien Tung:
    One of the most ancient methods of fortune telling. Tablet / Android friendly!
  • Bible Thoughts - Bibliomancy: The Bible is a series of 66 Books written by many wise men over a period of many centuries. Many believe it reveals the path to eternal salvation. Whether you believe this or not, the Bible certainly contains many inspirational stories. Our Bibliomancy Readings are based on your date of birth. A unique Bible phrase is selected for each day of your life. Tablet / Android friendly!
  • Swami Mo:Have a 'yes' or 'no' question about your life, dreams, passions? Want to know what's in store for the future? Ask the Swami! She knows all. Tablet / Android friendly!