Puzzle Games

Source code for our software can be found at Emogic.com
  • ***NEW*** Crosswords: Generate your own USA and British Style Crosswords, Creating your own printable or on-line Crossword Puzzles is so easy.
    I talk about the crossword algorithm at: https://www.emogic.com/notes/notes
  • Crossword: Generate your own printable British style Crossword Puzzles here! It is easy to use and flexible. Change the size and number of words. Add a free Crossword Generator on your site. Just add this HTML code to your site. You can download the full code at https://www.emogic.com/store/free_crossword_script
  • Sudoku: Generate your own printable Sudoku Puzzles here! It is easy to use and flexible. We also have a selection of unlimited pre generated Sudoku Puzzles. Tablet / Android friendly!.
  • Retro 3D Maze: For those of us seasoned enough to remember DOS, Vic 20's and Timex computers, here is a 3D Dungeon Maze when PC graphics were nothing more that ASCII characters. Tablet / Android friendly!
  • Yangbe / Nim: The ancient game of Yangbe. Easy to play. Hard to win. When you win, you will get a simple Numerology reading based on the path taken. Tablet / Android friendly!
  • Picture the Future: Merging visual images (focus), a classic slide 15 puzzle (fun), and a numerology based reading (future). A fun and interactive way to find out what the future holds! Tablet / Android friendly!
  • Word Search: Generate your own printable or interactive Word Search Puzzles here! Use our word databases, or use your own. It is easy to use and flexible. Change the size and number of words. Multi-language German, French, Spanish dictionaries. Has a quick google search feature to learn new words while solving a puzzle. Very educational. A useful tool for schools and teachers.
  • Planetarium: No this is not on our site and we did not create it. But we wish we did! A must see. A great story, pretty pictures and puzzles too! Tablet / Android friendly!
  • Towers of Hanoi Tablet / Android friendly!
  • Hangman Tablet / Android friendly!
  • Hangman 2
  • Exchange Tablet / Android friendly!
  • Tic Tac Toe Tablet / Android friendly!
  • Pegs Tablet / Android friendly!
  • Flip Match
  • Simon Tablet / Android friendly!