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Geri Fashions is a men's and womens clothing retailer that offers conventional and adaptive clothing for seniors, the elderly, the mature, wheelchair users, the handicap and the disabled. We provide clothing that is thoughtful for all needs and sizes, ensuring there is something for everyone. You can find open back shirts, easy to remove pants, velcro fasteners, simple snap buttons and so much more available throughout the website. To accomplish this, our experienced buyers look for fashionable styles, comfortable outfits, pricing to fit all options, and the ease of getting dressed when purchasing for each season. We give all people, regardless of their mobility, the opportunity to feel and look good in the clothes they wear. Find our mobile store as it travels around to different locations every day, bringing the clothing straight to you! Geri Fashions will always source the best clothing (including Canadian made adaptive clothing) and visit our customers in their residence facilities. Our goal? Providing styles to love that are easy to wear.

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