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This is a testimonial from the owner of this website.

Heavy Metal Roofing is a recommended installer of Steel Tile (steeltile.com) roofing products.
They operate in the Barrie area and cover a very large surrounding area.
John Maxey never failed to answer the many questions I had about the Steel Tile products and the installation procedure.
John and his team were courteous, hard working and knowledgeable.

I spent 4 months this summer researching the available metal roof products, the crews that would be installing them, and the pricing.
I decided that Heavy Metal Roofing was the right choice for me.
I like the idea of full length metal panels as there are less breaks in your roof and less areas for water to get in.
After talking to John I was confident that he knew the Steel Tile product well and knew how to install it.
Yes, the price of a metal roof is expensive. But it will outlast asphalt. Ours lasted 15. There have been some asphalt roofs in our area that have lasted less than 10 years. I believe the price given to me by John was fair and reasonable.

If you are considering a metal roof, I would highly recommend you contact John at Heavy Metal Roofing and have him answer your questions.

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Picture of our roof installation are HERE .

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